Manifest your dreams in the new year. Sale at Basin plus an online exclusive. Gerardo Manrique in the DS spotlight. New covers debuted for Rocking the Springs and how I honored my dad in the story.

Morning Inspiration

Manifesting dreams.

Disney Springs

An online exclusive and sale is going on at Basin.

Rockin The Springs

Rockin The Springs, where are we now?

The Life I Write

How I’ve honored my dad.

December 7th 2019

Today in the stillness of this new week push yourself just a little further in the vision of your life.

Open yourself up just a little more to the life you know you can create.

Take a tiny step further down the road you’ve chosen and believe, no matter what is staring at you, that everything you’ve dreamed is just a little further down this road.

Disney Springs Life

Discover the magic, romance, and beauty of the Springs with your guide,

Samantha Lucas

Enjoy a moment with Gerardo Manrique’s world rythms.

Not only is his music just incredible, he’s definitely one of the inspirations for some of the characters you’ll meet in Rockin The Springs.

Find out more about ALL the performers at Disney Springs on our music page, where you’ll also find the week’s schedule.


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New covers debut!!

I realize the covers are everywhere at this point, but today, as I type this, is the moment i have them finished and I’m so excited!

I loved my old covers.

Cannot state that enough.

And honestly, I was quite pouty at having to redo them, but in the computer crash of 2019… I pretty much lost everything I’d done and was forced to start over anyway.

And these covers are stunning.

They have a bit of a 60s James Bond, film noir feel to them, but I don’t hate that, but the real story to these is that the cover symbolizes the difference between a black and white world, or living in grey scale, and living a life of full color. Which I think each of the girls is definitely trying to do.

It’s a bit of a metaphor I guess, because I know each of these women lived for a time asleep, but now they’re awake and vibrant and even though they struggle with their spirituality, their love lives, their work, their kids… they hold the intention of living in color.

And I love the way that manifests on the covers.

Also, each individual book title is, and always will be, a line from a Disney song. 😉

Day 7 of 104

In working on my story these last few months, there were a lot of changes made.

One of those changes was to make two of the characters, sisters, and change their last name to Roberts.

I did this to honor my dad as his name is Robert.

My dad and I have a non typical relationship, we rarely see one another, we don’t talk often, but he’s the person in my life whose honestly there for me if I’m in trouble.

And without judgement.

Which totally blows my mind if I’m honest.

It was this past birthday though, when I was at my lowest point, and very near giving up, that he saved me. He relit a spark of hope in me that I’ve been carefully nurturing ever since.

That spark is what has been coming back a little more each day.

That spark is fueling my comeback from a truly wretched year.

When I look back at this past birthday, it scares me to see just how close to done I was. I’ve never felt so helpless. After a summer of blow after blow, all my fight was gone. Everything from that point forward, I honestly credit him for.

It hasn’t been easy. I still struggle with a lot of it, but every day the ground beneath my feet gets a little more solid. My faith in myself returns just a little bit more. And I find myself dreaming again of my future.

So as I round out all these story changes, most of them small in nature, this one is huge and makes me very, very happy.

Blessed weekend and so much love – Samantha💜

Time Until The New Year!


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