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The Marketplace at Disney Springs is always a good place to start your day here.

It’s often a little quieter, it’s a little less flashy, but it’s all heart and Disney.

The rest of Disney Springs tends to lose it’s “Disney,” but it’s pretty on display here from Goofy’s Candy Kitchen and The Art of Disney to the Star Wars store, Pin Traders, Once Upon A Toy, and of course, World of Disney.

Great food is to be found, as well, in this little pocket. We had dinner the other night at Rainforest Cafe, and while, I’ll be honest, this isn’t my favorite place to eat, it is fun on occasion and they have a fantastic strawberry mojito!

I have to tell you, I was a little embarrassed when the manager came by to ask how everything was. I’d been very impressed with the flavor of the pork in the tacos and I told him so. But he picked up on the surprised tone in my voice and pushed on it. I laughed and said I’ve had very hit or miss moments with the food here, but this is really good!

We laughed, and I rambled about my more unfortunate Rainforest experiences, but told him how it was always great to be able to get a table in like ten minutes with the Landry’s card!

And it is!

Let’s face it, Rainforest is great if you’re a family with kids, and really one of the very few places for it in Disney Springs, and that’s needed. But for food, there are a lot of better choices at the Springs. I do, however, enjoy swinging though from time to time just for the fun of it, and to remember not to take things so seriously!

I mean, really, how can you take life too seriously when elephants and gorillas are making strange sounds and movements all around you! And everybody needs that once in a while!


My friend Amy (who runs Park Shoppers) and I wanted to do something fun this summer, something that spreads a little magic. So we came up with these mystery boxes.

Actually, we wanted to do a bunch of giveaways, but let’s face it… we are not independently wealthy.

So this seemed like the next best thing.

We get to share the merchandise we love with people, giving y’all a bit of a deal on the cost, but not having to pay for the whole thing ourselves.

I don’t know if it’s going to work or not, but here’s our first one.

We love Walt and we wanted to do something that connected straight to him, so… It’s A Small World!

We’re going to try to put a new box here each day in the magazine with different treasure most every day. And this is the ONLY place you’ll see this particular offer. We’re keeping all the mystery boxes at $55 including US shipping. International shipping is also available for additional cost just because it’s so much higher.

Your guaranteed items for this box are the fun and colorful Small World fleece throw and the whimsical Small World Minnie Ears headband. You’ll also get at least two mystery items of authentic Disney Parks merchandise, because we LOVE surprises!! There’s only one of these boxes, that’s all we can do. So if this is speaking to you, message Amy on the Park Shoppers Facebook page and let her know this is the Disney Springs Life mystery box you’re wanting. Hope that all made sense.

And if you need help getting any other Disney treasure home to you, be sure to contact Amy at Park Shoppers, she’s amazing… everybody says so.

Okay, I’m super excited. I hope you will be, too, because we’d really like to have a lot of fun with these all summer long. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another mystery!

Nicholas Marks Gypsy Guitar

on the Marketplace Stage at Disney Springs.

The Landing

This was a particularly interesting week for me. If you follow astrology at all, you’ll know we had some pretty intense alignments, and just personally, I was facing some pretty intense spiritual tests.

I always find solace in the Landing.

The night I went there to find that solace, though, actually turned rather stormy, which pretty much suited my mood perfectly.

When the rain finally came, I found a sheltered spot on Terralina’s patio and watched the water clear the vista and the air.

I think sometimes in life we get so bogged down with the mundane, that we can forget how truly spectacular it can all be. In a way, we need the rain to wash away all the crap and bring us back to our own hearts.

For me, this night did that. I know most people don’t like it when it rains at Disney, and I’m not fond of it either when it messes with my music as it did that night. But on the whole, next time you’re at a rainy Disney, find the beauty in it.

It could very much surprise you just how much you need it.

Enzo’s Hideaway

The only thing better than Italian food, is sharing it with those you love! Join us for Sunday Supper and feast on pasta, salad, and meats with your friends and family!

You can even bring your favorite bottle of wine with no cork fee!

It doesn’t get better than this! 

This family-style feast is $45* a person and $19* for children nine and under.

Every Sunday 4:30-10PM.

*Does not include tax or gratuity. Reserve Online or Call 407-560-3696

Gerardo Manrique performing World Rhythms at waterview park in the landing at Disney Springs.

Start your summer fling with the little pink books!

Y’all are fantastic with the love for our stories!

Our favorite unsolicited review so far: “Oh my gosh. I want to hate you!!! I love this so much already I can’t get any work done!!! I keep stopping to read!!!”

Using the life we lead within the Disney bubble as the backdrop and inspiration, I’ve woven through that the stories of four friends navigating their way through real life, real relationships, and the real friendships they count on when life at Disney isn’t all fantasy. You can take a look at the preview here to see where the story starts and check out RockinTheSprings.com for all the info!

The 4th book will be live late Tuesday. Digital downloads coming very soon. Print coming later this summer.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This series is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Disney Company.

Town Center

We had a simply incredible full moon the other night over Disney Springs.

It’s always over the garages though so photos ops are somewhat limited, plus I’m just using my phone… but someday… I buy a REAL camera!

Everybody go oooooh ahhhhhh

So back on point…

This particular night was the one that started out so gloomy and in actuality turned into something extraordinarily beautiful.

That’s just one reason I love the Springs so much, you never know what may happen, or when magic may strike.

UNO de 50

Choose the perfect necklace for the perfect trip.

Uno De 50 is located beside Ever After Jewelry and I just adore their pieces. Take a look next time you’re there!

Nova Era performing at the Springs Overlook at Disney Springs.

The West Side

The West Side vibe is completely different from day to night.

At night there’s almost this club vibe, which I imagine will just intensify once NBA Experience opens on Aug 12th, then again when we get Cirque back!

But during the day… Expo Park is one of my favorite spots to just sit and take it all in.

Although, you may be surprised to know, I’ve never eaten at a food truck.

Not ever.

Not once.

This is something I need to change in the very near future.

Disney Springs, for me, is just like all my childhood dreams about being an adult, on overdrive. The best restaurants, the most fun bands, and all the shopping you can handle in almost every budget if you know how to look!

Next time you’re on the West Side in the daytime, take a break and watch the water at Expo Park. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

NBA Experience

Shop licensed NBA apparel, accessories, and more at the NBA Store now open at Disney Springs! 

Plus, purchase tickets to the NBA Experience opening August 12. 

Mighty swell (we miss you!) performing at Exposition Park on the West Side at Disney Springs

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. Make sure you share this with your friends and fam. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and most importantly… Check out the books if you’re into some Disney romance and great friendships and I’ll see you back here… tomorrow!

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