Disney Springs Life

Discover the magic, romance, and beauty of the Springs with your guide,

Samantha Lucas


I was at Disney Springs the other night very late, until about 1am.

I love it at that time in the morning so much because you still feel the vibe of the day, but it’s gotten soulful.

Closing down a park is always super fun because the energy shifts as the crowds leave, but something about Disney Springs is just a little different.

While a park has the energy of wonderment, Disney Springs holds an energy of knowing, and at one in the morning, you almost feel like it might be willing to give up some of its secrets.

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Haze Over Hollywood performing classic covers & their own music

on the Marketplace Stage at Disney Springs.

Rockin The Springs

Rockin The Springs is my latest, and quite honestly, my greatest book series. I have written about real women with real lives in their 40s and even… *gasp* 50s, who work, play, love, and ponder the realities of an ever changing world while living their lives inside the Disney bubble.

On a personal note, I love these women because these women are me and my friends. They are real and funny and heartbreaking at times, and if you join them this summer, I hope they capture your heart as they have mine.

I wrote these stories to be read on your phone just like an article or blog post, so no download to mess with, no app to figure out. Because I heard you, you don’t have time to read, you don’t have room on your phone for another app or download. So you don’t have to do any of that. Just take a little romantic break in your otherwise hectic day and let me entertain you for a moment. ~ Samantha

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This series is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the Disney Company.

Town Center

Town Center is the place dreams are made of.

I often wander the stores there and just marvel that some people can actually spend that much money on a purse or a piece of clothing.

I’m not really kidding.

I think keeping hope and optimism alive is a very important thing in our world today, and sometimes we simply need to flip the switch on our thinking.

I see it in the groups and such, people complain about the stores here, but it rings of bitterness and I want you to to ring of joy.

There are very expensive things at Disney Springs, but I’ve never felt unwelcome in any of the stores there, and sometimes it’s just sort of nice to be shocked by a price tag and laugh with your friends over it while you grab sandwiches at Earl’s.

Amorette’s Patisserie

Look what just “roar”ed in at Amorette’s Patisserie—a new petit cake inspired by The Lion King! 

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Don Black performing at the lime node at Disney Springs.

The Landing

The Landing is the best part of Disney Springs for me.

I like to move right to the center and just watch the people go by.

Plus, Cookes is like my favorite place to eat. I’m actually writing Cookes into Rockin the Springs as their favorite hang out spot to end the night at Disney Springs.

For me, Disney Springs has become a type of home that only Disneyland ever has been before. Sure, there aren’t really any rides to go on (balloon and carousel duly noted) but the food and the live music are just everything to me.

I’ll even tell you a sort of secret, six years ago in the Landing, that was then Pleasure Island, I ran smack into one of those supreme moments of destiny, and it’s defined my life ever since.

So yeah, the Landing holds a special place in my heart, but heed this… destiny can bite you anywhere at any time and knock you flat on your ass.

And that’s a damn beautiful thing.


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La Calle performing latin and pop classics at waterview park in the landing at Disney Springs.

The West Side

The West Side is happening.

It’s got that big city nightlife vibe to it that makes you feel like anything could happen at any moment.

There’s an electricity here that doesn’t cross the bridge to the Landing or to Town Center.

I remember my first New Year’s Eve spent at Disney Springs, the West Side was incredible! Over by Cirque, they had a DJ up on the second floor and I got there just a few minutes after midnight.

They had enormous beach balls being tossed amoung the crowds, people just kept hugging me, wishing me a happy new year. It was perfect in so many ways. The kind of NYE you dream of… before your dreams get even bigger.

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Bryan Malpass & Billy Jones performing at Exposition Park on the West Side at Disney Springs

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