Rockin The Springs – Preview

Below is a preview of book one of Rockin the Springs. Join Cami and her friends all summer long inside the Disney bubble for laughter, romance, and friendship.

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“All I’m saying is that sex is sex and love is love and they aren’t mutually exclusive!” Summer laughed as she poured herself more Moscato and declared her personal philosophy on sex and men.

Cleo rolled her eyes and got up off the floor cushions, coming to her knees as if to make her point clearer.

“Noooooo. Sex is sacred. You don’t know how you leave a piece of your soul with someone when you…”

“Fuck them?” Summer interrupted with laughter.

“Ewwww… noooooo!” Cleo fell back down on her butt and reached for her Moscato. “And exactly how do you plan all those pretty princess weddings with that mouth?”

“Oh, honey, I save all my best language for you three.” Summer smiled like a she-devil and tipped her glass at Cleo.

These nights warmed my heart. From my spot on the chaise lounge, wrapped in a light throw, sipping my own glass of a particularly sweet Moscato, I watched these women I love be totally and utterly themselves. No censors on, no walls up, just uninhibited conversation and exchange of ideas and emotions.

“Summer, I’ve known her a long time, you aren’t ever going to convince her.” Mak spoke firmly with a wry smile twisting her lips.

“But you see my point, Mak?” Summer moved to the built-in seating along the roof edge and looked out over the vista below. “I mean, look at all these people. We can barely survive, and so long as you’re careful, sex is at least a safe diversion from this hell we’re all living in.”

“Oh come on, Summer. You live in a high-rise on Lake Eola, that’s not hell.” I called her on it because I knew Summer, she loved her life. Of course, that did include the “fucking” of a long line of very sexy younger men.

She turned and looked at me.

“No, not me, but all these little people… down there.” She pointed across the small street over what was cast member parking. “They have no hope. They’re like little worker ants and the only thing that can save them is sex!”

I had to laugh.

But then I also stood up and took away her glass.

“You’ve had enough. Come away from the ledge, sweetie.”

Together we moved to the small swing on the far side of the roof. As we sat down, I wrapped my shawl around her and we cuddled the way only best girlfriends can.

“She’s not totally wrong about that.” Cleo inserted.

Cleo and Summer would butt heads on ideas and morals more than any two people you’d probably ever meet, but boy, go up against one of them and the other would cut you down fast!

“About the worker ants having mad, random sex?” I questioned with a giggle.

No, not about that. Sex is sacred. It raises or lowers your vibration, reaches into other realms. There’s magic in sex when it’s done right.” Cleo was consistent, that was for sure.

To hear her talk about it made me want to believe it. But I knew better. Cleo was sweet as you could be, but way too naïve.

“Okay, sweetie, then about what?” I urged her to continue.

“The people are lost and hurting and they need more than work and…”

“Fucking!” Summer shouted with a tipsy giggle.

I shushed her and motioned for Cleo to continue, hoping I successfully hid my smile.

“The reality is, most people are lost.” Cleo went on with a distinct pout. “We live in this society that says money is everything, and yet most of us don’t have any. So we medicate with food and video games and social media and things like sex, but I don’t think as many people are having sex as Summer thinks.”

“No, of course they aren’t. That’s why I’m saying… fuck it up, Florida!”

I had to laugh then.

“I think we should get that put on shirts.” Mak snickered.

“But sex is a sacred tool—” Cleo was not one to be distracted when she was passionate about something. “—it could be used to bring real magic into your life, but these things aren’t talked about or taught, or…” she got so frustrated she seemed to lose her words.

“Cami, not to bring up a sore subject, but you and Rafe… you know what I’m talking about, right?” Cleo looked at me with these big eyes like she wanted me to tell her Santa existed, and I was wishing she had lost her words, especially those last few.

I listened to everything she said, and a part of me wondered if she really did know something I didn’t, that we all didn’t.

“When Rafe and I were together, yeah, it was the best sex of my life. It was definitely more than fucking, to quote Summer, but I have very limited experiences to compare to.”

Truth, I’ve been with three men. That’s it.

“So it was special. Sacred.” Cleo continued to look for validation.

“Sweetie, I…”

In doing all that research into soul mates and past lives with Rafe, I did hear some stories and read a few wild things about destiny and soul mates that made me wonder if it could be true.

“I guess Rafe almost had me believing it was true, that we were destined, soul mates, that the sex was… but then the dream broke and now we’re just as bad off as anyone. I’m broke and definitely not having sex, sacred or otherwise, and mostly just trying to get through each day like all the other worker ants.”

But I do believe there’s more…

Oh, I think the wine is making me loopy.

“Cleo, I hear you, and I think you’re right.” Mak leaned into the conversation, her soft accent a bit sharper thanks to the wine. “Most people are lost. Hell, I wait on them every day, and over at the Springs, we get all kinds. Locals, tourists on a budget, the type that think they’re God because they have more money in their wallet than I’ll see in a month, but what’s the answer then?”

Mak and Cleo had a special bond that went farther back than the rest of us, and sometimes Mak acted like a mother to Cleo. It was sweet and I was really glad they’d somehow found each other in this crazy world of worker ants, random sex, and rich assholes.

“I think we need to bring magic back to the world, but not the kind people think of as magic. Real, true, light magic. I, for one, still want the white picket fence, even though I know that’s totally unpopular, but why is it okay for Summer to get to—” she whispered as she spelled “—f.u.c.k. everything that comes her way, and it’s not okay for me to want a respectful, enlightened man to marry and settle down with?”

She pouted and was on the verge of tears.

“Hey, I am a big believer in dreams. Look at me, I’m in freaking Orlando, living my Disney dream. How the hell did that happen?”

It was true, living at Disney was a dream I’d held since I was five years old. And as I sat on the roof, listening to the Liberty Belle’s whistle in the not too far distance, knowing I was about to see fireworks, I figured I’d pretty much knocked that one out of the park.

“Everyone all my life thought I was crazy, so who am I to tell you that you can’t have your white picket fence dream? Cleo, I think you should dream whatever you want, and if law of attraction, and meditation, and visualization help those things come true, then more power to you, sweetie!”

Cleo smiled, but I knew this was her broken heart piece and I didn’t know if it would ever find a way to heal.

“And along with that dream, Cami…” Summer sat up straight beside me. “Did you tell them about your new job?”

I was suddenly very much on the spot.

“I wasn’t sure I was allowed to tell anyone.”

I had a meeting with Greg next week to finalize everything, and until I better understood the need for discretion, I hadn’t planned on telling anyone.

“You can tell family!” Summer insisted.

Mak and Cleo leaned in and looked interested.

“Yes, tell us!”

“You can’t keep us in the dark now!” Mak poured everyone more wine, though I wasn’t sure we needed any.

“It’s just blogging, doing some press events for Disney. But no one can know it’s for Disney. It’s a bit complicated and convoluted, but I don’t know, maybe it’s just the thing I need, given my inability to write anything else right now.”

That would remain a touchy subject for me. I’ve never had writer’s block in my life. I’ve been writing since my dad encouraged me to when I was eight years old and I’ve never stopped. But ever since Rafe left, I haven’t written a single word, and in truth, that’s the worst part of the entire Rafe mess. He seemed to not only to have broken my heart, but my gift of storytelling too. I didn’t know whether or not I believed sex could be sacred, but my ability to write had always seemed that way to me, and now it was gone.

“You know, you need to tell that fucker to go take a long hike off a waterfall or something” Summer laughed. “Maybe he could do it wearing a penguin suit!”

Summer and I burst out laughing, the way only two slightly drunk girls who’d been told a story about a half-naked half-penguin swan dive that went horribly wrong, could laugh.

“I feel we’ve missed something.” Mak stated rather plainly.

“Sorry. It’s a long story.” I tried to pull myself together.

“Five minutes to fireworks!” Cleo got excited. “Is the YouTube video ready?”

We synced the music from the video to the fireworks so we get the full experience. Most people don’t realize the music actually starts a full two minutes before fireworks burst into the sky, but we did and we knew how to time it perfectly.

“Yep. Done.” Summer held her phone over her head as proof that she’d done it.

We all moved closer to the edge and sat side by side.

“Hey Cleo—” Summer started.

“Yeah, Summer?”

Summer leaned forward enough to see Cleo, who was sitting at the other end of the group.

“I hope you find your happy ending, or your fence… or whatever your heart truly wants.”

I tried not to make a spectacle of myself or make a big deal out of the moment, but my heart was all… awwwwwwwwwwwww.

“Thanks, Summer.” Cleo paused a beat. “And… I hope you find all the hot sex and big penises you can handle.”

I choked on my wine.

We were all laughing now.

“Oh… now! Now!” Cleo was our timer.

Summer clicked the video and the music began, the lights on the castle went out, and spot beams lit up the sky.

No matter what tomorrow held, tonight we were four best friends under the most beautiful fireworks there ever were, and we’d absolutely found some version of our happily ever after.

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