A Summer Fling

It’s amazing just how much of a life you can waste worried about other people’s approval. Even when you think you’ve got that shit worked out… it sneaks in in insidious little ways. Someone who usually hits “like” on all your FB posts is suddenly quiet… OH MY GOD THEY HATE YOU NOW! You know they’re sitting there in their living room, looking at your post on their phone, with their nose all wrinkled in disapproval, thinking, “Hmm she used to be so nice, but I she’s fallen.” Or maybe it’s family, saying things at family dinners, or co-workers, giving you that look over the cubicle.

We ALL do it, no matter how old or smart we get. We still do it.

Some of us more than others.

But I digress…

So here I am… an age I no longer wish to discuss, and I’m doing it too!

There are people in my life who’ve stood by me when things were super bleak and so now I have this twisted sense of loyalty to them, that keeps me from following my dreams and they don’t even know.

And would probably be appalled if they did know.

So what’s the dream this time?

Oh if you’ve been following me any amount of time there are a few things that I just keep circling, but never accomplish, one of them would be my book serial/series about a group of friends who live. work, and hang out inside the Disney bubble… kinda like I do.

But to devote myself to this serial, I have to cut out some stuff. I need time to write for starters, but it’s emotional bandwidth too. When I write, I immerse. I don’t have time for anything or anyone else. It’s my process, but I won’t do it, haven’t really done it for years, because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. So I try to find a compromise, but that never works.

Last summer I actually took the time to write something and it was wonderful… but the project I was writing for fell through. Somehow I’ve taken that on as a personal failure and so therefore, I don’t get another chance to write… huh?

Yeah, I’m crazy.

So here’s the thing… I want to write a series, a summer fling type series, something fun and flirty, that’s a little irreverent too. I want to dish on the Disney bloggerverse, and poke fun at us Disney nuts, but I also want to explore things like does true love really still exist? Does spirituality really add a necessary layer to a life well lived? What does real friendship look like? And I want to wrap all of that in a story about a woman who moves to Disney after her life fell apart, meets a sexy man and maybe falls in love with him… who can say?

I’m not getting younger… This is the time to live. So I’m doing it, Rockin The Springs, I’m giving myself permission to disappoint people, to unlike and unfollow me, to thoroughly disapprove and never speak to me again, but I’m writing my series. It will be hot and sexy, but it will be fun and heartwarming as well. I’m good at this and I want my chance to really shine.

So starting on the eclipse, seemed like a powerful day to start something new, I’ll have some new books for you. They’re going to be short stories you can just read online. I’ll probably charge a buck a piece (because I still have to eat) and hopefully you’ll give them a chance.

For those of you I love, I may be absent this summer from social media, from family dinners, from life, but in truth, I’ll be giving my life a real shot at a dream I’ve held forever.

You can check out the covers and blurbs here, we’re still ironing out some of the details, but this IS happening this summer… Samantha Lucas is once again the author of fun, flirty, fiction!


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